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Tomasz Rożek
Rewolucja AI

Head of the marketing department of No Fluff Jobs, the largest IT job portal in Europe with mandatory ranges in each advertisement. He likes specifics, but he is a storyteller himself. Professional keywords: marketing, HR, education. Private keywords: husband-father, fiction, herpetology, typography, old Saabs, water and forest. A sociologist, marketer and graphic designer by education. From experience: a marketer specializing in promoting new technologies and a lecturer associated with art faculties.

Jakie możliwości daje praca ze sztuczną inteligencją?


Petros Psyllos

Petros Psyllos is an electronics engineer, programmer, innovator and entrepreneur. As part of its activity, it deals with the implementation of modern technologies, including artificial intelligence applications, virtual assistants, human-computer interaction and health protection.

National winner and finalist of the central stage of Imagine Cup in Seattle in 2016 - represented Poland in the largest technological competition organized by Microsoft. Awarded by the World Invention Intellectual Property Associations and the International Federation of Inventors' Associations for "outstanding achievements in the field of inventiveness". He was awarded for his innovative activity by the Chinese Innovation Association, the French Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and the Belgian Minister of Budget and Public Function; gold medalist incl. 115th Concours Lépine Invention Fair in France and INPEX in the USA. Winner of the Podlasie Brand of the Year in the Discovery category. Two-time winner of the "Best of the Best" program of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Ambassador of the Podlasie Economy in the category of the medical industry.

Petros Psyllos w HejtParku
Wywiad dla RMF FM


Bartosz Pampuch

Bartosz Pampuch is an experienced leader of R&D teams with almost twenty years of experience in the industry. His competences include the management of interdisciplinary groups of specialists and the implementation of complex projects. In the last 11 years, he has focused his activities on the healthcare industry, where he has contributed to the creation and marketing of innovative products. His expertise covers IT technologies and architecture, 3D graphics, VR/AR and artificial intelligence.

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Maria Ganzha

google scholar

Maria Ganzha is an associate professor at the Faculty of Computer Science of the Warsaw University of Technology, specializing in the area of Internet of Things (IoT) and computer agents and multi-agent systems. Her work deals with semantic interoperability in the IoT, making a clear contribution to this dynamically developing field.

She is a co-author of many publications on the use of agent technologies in the context of the IoT. Other areas of her interest include the development of agent models for e-commerce systems, the use of agent technologies in grid resource management, and rule-based negotiation in agent systems. Thanks to many years of experience, she is a valued expert in the field of IoT and multi-agent systems.


Kacper Łukawski

AI Embassy

Kacper Łukawski works as a Developer Advocate for Qdrant, an Open Source vector database. He is also the founder of the AI Embassy Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting artificial intelligence.

Wystąpienie w czasie TEDxWarsaw


Przemek Smyrdek


Marcin Czarkowski
Przemek Smyrdek

Every day on the way to being an effective programmer, leader and happy person. I specialize in front-end, but what excites me the most in programming is the process of building a product and delivering value. I treat sharing knowledge as a duty and I try to convince others to do the same.

Marcin Czarkowski

I am a humanist turned programmer. I love to develop on many levels: physically (through sport and diet) and intellectually (through books and podcasts). I am passionate about exploring the principles of how the human brain works. I translate this knowledge into improving the process of learning new skills and willingly share it on the Internet.

Kanał Przeprogramowani
Przewodnik po GPT-4


Piotr Cieluchowski


Jarosław Michalik

Professionally, I am a consultant, mobile application programmer, and trainer.

Google Developer Expert in Kotlin.

Author of initiatives such as: Kotlin School, KotlinTesting, Modern Junior, Mobile Club, and DevSpeaker.

I always take the opportunity to tell an unfunny joke. Sometimes people laugh.

GPT w służbie developerom

JS track


Michał Pierzchała


Head of Technology at Callstack. Passionate about building mobile and web experiences, high quality JS tooling and Open Source. Core React Native Community & Jest contributor. Space exploration enthusiast.

Michał Pierzchała @ Agent Conf
Michał Pierzchała @ App.js Conf


Tomasz Borowicz

Vived Blog

JavaScript news passionate who loves sharing knowledge about bleeding edge technology. On a daily basis working as a Full Stack developer with a heart clearly on the Frontend side. Writes about web-dev news on Vived Blog. News anchor at meet.js KRK.

Riccardo is an independent full-stack product engineer, who's currently improving the developer experience at Knapsack Pro. Legend has it that he disappeared while pondering dynamic vs statically typed languages and resurfaced speaking Polish.

Bugs Don't Exist


Andrzej Fricze

Andrzej Fricze

Beginner biohacker, specialist in JavaScript, TypeScript, React. Full-stack out of necessity. Speaker, mentor, event organizer. During working hours, he fights overgrown React components with unspecified responsibility. After work spends a lot of time at the gym, recording niche hip-hop or creating (even more niche) clothing brands. Helps people get into speaking at meetups and conferences. Loves rare steaks.

Webinar "React.js State Management – from Redux to hooks to Jotai


Ivan Akulov

Ivan Akulov

Ivan is a Google Developer Expert, web performance consultant, and full-stack software engineer. His web performance experience has helped clients like Google, Framer, Appsmith, and many more. He currently runs the web performance consulting agency PerfPerfPerf.

Outside of work, Ivan enjoys exploring modern art, discovering lesser-known electronic and techno artists, and obsessing over serif typefaces.

Half-human, half-developer hardwired to JavaScript and browser-related technologies. Believes (and proves!) that JavaScript can be taught to a 10-year old. Author of several articles, occasional speaker. Founder and organizer of meet.js JavaScript meetups in Białystok and Wrocław. During his work hours, he likes to tinker with code, cloud and developers’ competences. Believes that the world can be saved by coding. Privately a father, aviator and a frequent visitor of eastern Asian socialist countries.


Kacper Kapuściak

React Native Open Source Developer at Software Mansion

Kacper Kapuściak, working at Software Mansion, has been developing Open Source libraries in React Native technology for years. Co-creator of the State of React Native survey, host of the React Native Community Kraków meetup, co-leader of the React Native Reanimated workshop at this year's edition of the App.js conference. He's constantly thinking about how to make other developers' lives easier.

How to Make a Bottom Sheet with React Native Reanimated



Wyjdzie w Praniu

Wyjdzie w Praniu Fanpage

'Wyjdzie w praniu' is an 11-person improvisational group that has been performing on Krakow stages for a year. In performances, they tell stories for which they use three ingredients: heads full of ideas, words of inspiration from the audience, and their lively reactions.

On stage, they improvise, i.e. they play without a script. Each performance is a journey into the unknown, full of extraordinary characters, unexpected events and twists.


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