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The idea of future?

Be in the front - learn AI tools

It's not AI that will replace programmers. Programmers using AI will replace those who aren't.







Leave others behind - learn AI tools

A vast array of knowledge awaits you in the field of AI. - A quick course on prompt engineering, i.e., how to speed up your work and overcome limitations. - A journey through existing solutions that help in the daily work of a programmer. - Information on how to maintain security and data privacy when training AI models, as well as an in-depth analysis of how language models work and pondering their limits. - How to become an expert in using AI in programming in one day? Come to Future Conference 🔥

Modern Developer Conference

In the field of web applications, we present you with the latest information. - New opportunities brought by React 18, Next.js, and other frameworks for isomorphic applications. - The latest methods for creating fast, interactive web applications. - Learn how React 18 solves application performance issues and what to be wary of. - TypeScript as a tool for designing applications. - Solving state management problems. No more issues with asynchrony and writing 20 actions to handle a single HTTP request. - Learn how to efficiently debug applications, - and how the structure of your company affects the structure of your code.

Time for lectures, time for discussions, time for fun.

Instead of inviting you to grey hotels and cold exhibition halls, we invite you to Hype Park! After each presentation, you can breathe in the fresh Krakow air! Have a coffee with friends under an umbrella! And when the presentations are over, our venue transforms into a party space. Music, drinks, juices, friends. What more could you want?


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the future of WebDev

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AI in programming

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